Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Working Together With Him For 5 Years

Baru lepas attend meeting yangggg….sangat susah nak diungkap dengan kata-kata. This is second time I joined this kind of meeting. Meeting yang I jotted down nothing into my notebook after meeting finish.  Saya ke yang salah sebab tak pandai tulis key point or poor listening skills or apa-apa ajealah. Meeting yang leaving million or infinity of question marks inside of my head. Saya ke yang blur sangat. Meeting yang like I attended Dr Fadzilah Kamsah’s motivational  forum & suppose makes me full of positive aura, but happen other way around. Salah saya ke.  Salah saya ke.  Tengok lepas meeting pun jadi bengong sekejap. Tulis entri pun ini pun dah penuh rojak buah, rojak mee Singapore, kuah rojak thumb'suplicious (ishh lapornya) dan saya pun tak faham apa yang saya mengarut ni. Like I said before, I’m writing  for the blog. Not for SPM or MUET or whatsoever.

Actually memang salah sayalah. Even saya rasa betul pun, tetap salah saya jugak sebabnya saya tak akan betullah. Haha. Gelak sorang-sorang lagi. Nampak gaya macam kerap pulak I need to join this kind of meeting. Start need to join this kind of meeting since Mr. Pua left me. Yup, he left this company first instead of me. Can’t believe it. Haha. Terkejut jugak masa mula-mula dia beritahu he’s already tender & tinggal 2 minggu jea bersama-sama dengan kitaorang. So sooonnn!!!.  Nak buat farewell pun tak sempat sebab masa habis doing handover thingy and again meetinggg…. Haha. Banyak kali pulak gelak sorang-sorang.  Tak apalah bila dah biasa nanti, tak adalah gelak sorang-sorang lagi. Budak meeting shock (bukan culture shock) memang macamni. Huk huk.

Mr. Pua is really a good leader. Cannot deny it. He always helps and gives full support to all his subordinates.

Ok, taknak cakap banyak. To Mr. Pua, thanks for everything. Good luck with your future endeavors.  Hope you like our farewell gift.

Gambar-gambar kenangan bersama Mr. Pua

Christmas Party

Company Trip to Thailand...masa ni staffs ramai lagi..

Bangkok Marine Park. Mr Pua belakang tue..Semua dalam gambar ni dah tak adalah except Jing yang pakai hat tue

Cuba buat jump depan marine park

Lastly with manufacturing team. Team asal lagi ramai..Tapi sekarang tinggal ciput jea...Boleh tahu la kan job load kami-kami yang tinggal ni..hehew..

P/S: Hanya orang tertentu sahaja faham apa saya melalut ni..Ke korang pun tak paham jugak..adeiiii

Sunday, 15 January 2017

TWISTSHAKE with passion for babies

Little A-Go-Go Fun Day!!

Twistshake Product demo is one of Motherhood.com.my event

Hi mommies.. I'm pleased to tell you that i joined yesterday’s Twistshake Product demo at One City, Sky Park, Concourse. Twistshake’s innovative baby bottle is designed in collaboration with parents of babies. As a result of this unique collaboration, they have developed a baby bottle that can offer children a fun and meaningful experience, while at the same time saving parents from many of the complications associated with preparing a bottle-meal. 

Twistshake Product Demo

If you're not join yesterday's demo, please don't feel frustrated and sad. This is because twistshake still open their booth until today at the venue that i just mentioned above.

Twistshake booth

Let me tell you further about this product. There are 10 different colors mainly (black, yellow, peach, pink, blue, turquoise, white, orange, green, purple), 3 different bottles(330ml, 260ml & 180ml),6 different sizes(XS, S, M, L, PLUS, SPOUT) of teat, and 10 different colors(black, yellow, peach, pink, blue, turquoise, white, orange, green, purple)

We asked what parents looked for in a baby bottle?
An easy way to store servings
Reduction of preparation-time
A design allowing for easy gripping
Appealing colours
Dissolving lumps in the formula
Retainment of heat

This has been the foundation of Twistshake’s development and we are proud to present our line of products designed to address these specific needs.


The design of Twistshake’s teat closely resembles nature. The likeness to the mother’s breast makes the transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding both smooth and safe.
The flexible top resembles the mother’s nipple and retains the natural sucking pattern.
To guarantee that the child gets the right amount of support, the bottom of the teat is soft and bulb-shaped.
The anti-colic vault reduces colic and creates an even flow.
The teat stop makes sure that the teat is fixed in a stable and safe way during the entire feeding session.
The teat is made for every age with its four different flows.
Made from premium super soft silicon. Entirely BPA-free.

Twistshake’s teat is developed in cooperation with experts in the field and this is the reason that we can offer a safe and smooth transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. 
The experts Twistshake has brought in for consultation has over 20 years of experience in the field. We have developed the teat together, through continuous and careful testing in regards to its functions.

Pssst……Some Lil TIPS Mommies!!

1. When using more than one container, put the empty bottommost and have a new serving ready for next meal.

2. Do you have more than one child who use different milk powders? If yes, use different colors for each container to keep track of them and reduce mix-ups!


All of Twistshake’s products are designed to work together, and with a few easy steps reduce the time needed for preparations.
The smart design of Twistshake’s container makes feeding a both quick and simple task. The container is filled in advance, and when your child needs food it is as easy as transferring the contents of the container to the bottle, shaking it, and feeding. A container holds 100 ml, which is the equivalent of one serving of food. 
The containers can also be used for store crackers, raisins, fruit or porridge. Containers can easily be combined to hold an entire day’s worth of nutrition.

TwistFlow is a unique innovation from Twistshake. The system is developed to prevent baby colic and hinder disruptions in the flow of the bottle.

Undissolved lumps in the formula can clog up the teat and disrupt the baby’s natural flow. Our unique mixer net effectively dissolves the solution and reduces the risks of clogging. The sensitive vault in the teat ventilates the bottle and prevents the creation of a vacuum. This helps reduce colic. It also makes sure the flow is even.
The unique mixer is also useful to make the water more fun! Put sliced fruits or berries in the bottle, the mixer will keep it from getting stuck in the teat, and the kids love it!


In order to protect the health of your child and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, it is very important that the bottle used for feeding allows for easy cleaning, both before and after the meal.
Twistshake has a wide neck which allows for uncomplicated and thorough cleaning while also making the bottle easy to fill up.

Make clean-up even easier by washing the bottle out with water immediately after use.
All Twistshake products are safe for use in both dishwasher and microwave oven.

Visit Twistshake Malaysia Product page as shown below if want to know more details on this product:


Thanks Twistshake for giving me the Twistshake product.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Win Aquaria KLCC Tickets From Caption And Win Contest By Giselle Yeong

My gaiddddd....menang tiket tempat percutian lagiiii.  Kali ni menang 4 tiket dewasa dan 3 tiket kanak-kanak ke Aquaria KLCC yang bernilai RM289. Macam tau-tau jea seumur hidup saya tak pernah jejak kaki lagi ke Aquaria. Sangat kesedihan kan. Kimchi pun sama. Dak Zafran lagilah.. 

Pemenang dipilih berdasarkan caption yang paling kreatif(yang sesuai dengan photo di atas) oleh Giselle Yeong.  Sebab tengok hadiah lumayan(bagi saya lumayan tau) & tak pernah pergi lagi Aquaria ni, bersungguh-sungguh saya join contest ni. Siap diskusi lagi dalam Gediks Family Whatsapp group untuk nak create caption yang kreatif. Suruh Farid join jugak. Kimchi, just guna FB dia untuk tambah satu lagi participation. Sebab syaratnya one facebook user just one participation jea. Nak high chances menang kan..hikhik..Tengok-tengok salah satu caption yang kitaorang create menang. Caption yang menang tu mak yang create, then saya yang tambah rempah-ratus dalam ayat tu. 

Tak sangka betul boleh menang contest ni. Saya ni tak adalah kreatif mengarang ayat. Banyak dah join contest yang memerlukan daya kekreatifan menulis & etc, semuanya kecundang.hehew. Tapi kali ada rezeki. Alhamdulillah.

To Giselle & also Giselle's aunt, Macy Chen, thanks for choosing me as your contest winner & giving me these prizes. Your handcraft keychains are so beautiful. Can't wait to spend my holiday with my family at Aquaria, KLCC.